Tiger Hoops

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Lucky Last pairs of our Local and Co season one creation. 

At Jewellsparkle I am always about the simple shapes for everyday wear.  So I have used this opportunity with Local & Co. to have some fun, be bold and step out of my usual zone.  I am even more delighted with the result than I had imagined.  
I love the fierceness that the symbol of a tiger represents along with its elegance and majesty.  

Super lightweight, quality printed on Premium 100% recycled clear acrylic.  Attached to handmade Surgical stainless steel hoops which are ideal for even the most sensitive ears. 

Size:  Rings 25mm diameter.

Acrylic is 3mm thick, 45mm length, 35mm width

Total hanging length 55m

Care Instructions: Please avoid your pieces coming into contact with too much water or hot sunlight.  If pieces become dirty, rub with a dry cloth.

Please always be gentle with the hoops when putting on or removing the earrings.